We want you to be fully informed about the value of water. To help you have a better idea of the importance of water conservation and actions you can take, we’ve provided this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

While every home and business is different, 70 percent of water use in the Inland Empire happens outdoors. Checking for leaks in your irrigation system and installing drip irrigation are great steps to reducing outdoor water waste.

Actually, many large users are reducing drinking water demand by irrigating with recycled (treated) wastewater.

Yes. Water providers offer a range of incentives to help you become more efficient. Check with your local agency before you buy a new appliance, install an irrigation system or replace your turf with drought-tolerant plants – you may be eligible for a money-saving rebate!

Many local businesses have opted to re-landscape with drought-tolerant plants to greatly reduce outdoor water use. For inspiration and guidance, visit your water agency’s demonstration garden. You can also check for leaks and upgrade toilets and appliances to low-flow models.

No. Some districts bill customers based on a customized water budget, but it does not restrict the amount of water that they can use, only the price they pay for excess water. These budget-based rates encourage efficient water use by giving residents the water they need at the lowest possible rate and charging them more for excess use. Water budgets give customers a financial incentive to conserve.

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